Malpua Recipes | How to Make Malpua at Home | Holi Special Dishes


Hello, Friends, Welcome to MasterChefsKitchen.Com You will learn in this article Malpua Recipes | How to Make Malpua at Home | Holi Special Dishes. Malpua is a very delicious and tasty sweet dish. Which can be made very easily at home. It is mostly made during Holi. So let’s know.


Wheat Flour – 3/4 Cup
Semolina – 1/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp
Fennel Powder – 1/4 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Warm Milk as per Required
Oil – for Frying

For Sugar Syrup (Chasni)

Sugar – 1 Cup
Water – 1 Cup
Saffron – 8 to10
Rose Water – 2 to 3 Drops

How to Make Malpua (Cooking Method)

Step – 1 Take a big bowl, add flour, semolina, cardamom powder, sugar, and fennel powder, and mix it.

Step – 2 Now prepare a smooth batter by adding warm milk little by little. While mixing, take care that no lumps form in it. When the batter is made, then after that keep it for 15 to 20 minutes to set for a while.

Step – 3 Mix sugar and water in a vessel. After that cook it on medium flame till it becomes sticky. You can add rose water, saffron to it. This is optional, if you do not have it, then you can leave it.

Step – 4 Now take the batter and mix it well. Keep in mind that the flow of the batter should be smooth, neither too thin nor too thick. If the batter is too thick then add some milk to it.

Step – 5 Heat oil in a vessel on medium flame. When it becomes hot, put the malpua batter in it with a round-shaped spoon, in the oil. And cook it till it turns golden brown.

Step – 6 After cooking, take out the malpua from the oil, after that keep it immersed in sugar syrup for some time. Cook the rest of the batter in the same way and after cooking dip it in the sugar syrup.

Now Malpua is completely ready, you can survey it.

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